Sushi Sho - Our go-to Stockholm omakase

Sushi Sho - Our go-to Stockholm omakase

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I’ve been at Sushi Sho - the one michelin star omakase sushi restaurant in Stockholm - twice before; summer and autumn last year. But as their servings are ever evolving, a new visit at the place was long overdue…

Sushi Sho

So let’s begin shall we?

We start off with some different kind of sushi. The yellowtail had beautiful texture, but the abalone was the most interesting for me as it was my first time having it. The abalone is actually a sea snail, but think of it as a cross between octopus and an oyster.

The squid was ok. Some people may find this too fishy, but the yuzu made a big difference.

The cured egg yolk is their signature dish and always has it’s place in the menu. Mix it up and scoop it in your mouth. Rich, gooey, crispy fresh. Yum.


Now, on to some nigiri..

The salmon roe, I mean come on. The pebbles of sweet ocean juice burst in your mouth, and that crispy nori? Damn good.

As for the nigiris, I really can’t choose a favorite. They’re all top class.

Now you will face an incredibly hard decision. You have the possibility to amend additional servings of - you guessed it - Otoro. Otoro is the fattiest part of the tuna belly and consequently have the most incredible texture - a part very much sought after.

But having this dish is not the hard decision. Oh no no. You should have it (even more so if you haven’t before). The difficult part is how you want it served. (yes, many emphases there)

There’s three options:

  1. Sashimi

  2. Nigiri

  3. Mixed with scallions and topped with sturgeon caviar

As i have tried both sashimi and nigiri variants before in Tokyo and Stockholm, so I decided to go with the caviar one ;)


Now this was decadence in a bowl!

Creamy af, melt-in-your-mouth tuna with popping fresh caviar and contrasted by the scallions.

Let’s just say I savoured every spoonful..


My pal opted for the sashimi style, just look at the color :O

Of course it’s possible to have all three, but as each bite is so rich I don’t think you would appreciate every piece to the fullest.


To end the meal, we got served some tamago (egg) prepared. Fishy, sweet and fluffy, just as we like it.


Arigatou gozaimasu!