UNN - A teppanyaki experience with charm

UNN - A teppanyaki experience with charm

Japanese Stockholm

In a small dining area hidden behind an unnoticeable door inside of Frida Ronge’s “Tak” at Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm you can find UNN. A 8 seat bar and kitchen where they prepare and serve teppanyaki (teppan meaning iron plate and yaki meaning grilled). So follow along to see what the experience was like…

So my friend Iaroslav has been talking about this place ever since they opened the summer 2017… I never really though about it much, probably because I haven’t seen a whole lot of pictures from it. But since they halved the price in August this year, we decided now was the time to commit.

Teppanyaki is often associated with circus-like tricks and a lot of fooling around, so I was curious what the take here would be like…

Upon arrival, the big decision of the night was what to drink. Recommended is the beverage package, consisting of a variety of 8 drinks. The great thing was that they both offer a non alcoholic package, as well as your regular alcohol one. But I opted for a combined package of alcohol and non alcoholic beverages.



Poached oyster with browned butter and lemon. Slurping up this little golden nugget in it’s rich ocean juice, I instantly knew this was going to be a good evening…



Seasonal fish with thinly sliced vegetables, white kombu, and burrata (!?) in the bottom. The Burrata was totally unexpected but the mild richness worked perfectly with the sashimi. And yes, I drank that juice up.


Sushi zu pickled lemon sole with cress, zucchini & wasabi tahini ← genius. (Sushi zu is the vinegar mix used for sushi rice)

I’m watching you yuzu (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

I’m watching you yuzu (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)



Panko fried langoustine, langoustine butter sauce and yuzu. Can I have a jug of that sauce to go plzz?


Charcoal grilled herring glaced with soy sauce & mirin, topped with spring onion. The smell during the preparation of this dish immediately brought me back to the street food vendors of Tokyo. Here, with a Swedish twist using herring.



Some japanese pickles to clear the palette.


Teppanyaki smoked rib fingers, fermented black mushroom vinegar. Beautifully paired with a non alcoholic juice, making me question only drinking red wine to meat.


Koshihikari rice with juniper smoked roe, quail egg and some pickled gari on the side. A bowl of deliciousness that popped like a firework in your mouth.




Shaved ice with cubed apples two ways in the bottom, sweetened milk, fruit juice and some buckwheat crunch. To this, a fantastic swedish apple cider with just the right level of sweetness.


Now this one was a bit intriguing, at first glance it looked like a chocolate truffle…


But upon biting in to it…wow! What a flavour bomb! A small but mighty packet of miso toffee encased in cacao nibs and topped with yuzu. Together with a light but incredibly flavourful coffee, the meal couldn’t have ended any better (except if it hadn’t ended :P)


Perfectly full and satisfied, we said goodbye to our momentary home of the evening.

Oh, and having a kitchen like that goes in my bucket list dirr!!


What it is:

  • An experience both visually and culinary

  • Relaxed atmosphere. Despite the exclusivity, it didn’t feel stiff at all

  • A place for light conversations with the chef and sommelier

What it’s not:

  • One of those egg juggle gimmicks

  • A place for a date (keep in mind you’re sitting right beside other people)

  • Traditional japanese teppanyaki (but better)